Al Hol people:" isolation aims at exterminating peoples of region.

Al Hol people pointed out that the imposed isolation on the leader  aimed at breaking the will of northeastern Syria peoples;  in order to exterminate civilizations and glories, they said: "We are going to go on with his idea and philosophy and  be one hand to liberate him from the prisons of the Turkish occupation."

Al Hol people said that the plot that targeted the leader, Abdullah Ocalan on October 9, 1998 and led to his capture in 1999,  aimed at exterminating the Kurdish people and all the peoples eager for freedom amid the shameful silence of the international and human rights organizations.

 The leader, Abdullah Ocalan, who lives in conditions of extreme isolation in Emrali prison, put his idea and philosophy in the service of all the peoples suffering from injustice and authoritarian capitalist regimes. He worked to liberate them.  He has repeatedly made it clear that he is able to solve all the outstanding problems in the Middle East.

Hawar news agency ( ANHA ) surveyed the opinions of the Arab component in the Al-Hol district of Hasakeh canton. They  totally rejected this international isolation on Abdullah Ocalan.

"Turkey is an occupation country; it is against all nationalities and peoples demanding their freedom, therefore, it captured Abdullah Ocalan and isolated him because he has a thought and philosophy for the advancement of peoples and their liberation from Erdogan and his associates,"  Mahmoud Khalaf al-Sabah, one of Al Khatuniya clan notables in Al-Hol district said.

"We, the components of northeastern Syria, will break this isolation and work with all our strength to liberate him through demonstrations or appeal to humanitarian and international organizations, and the Security Council" al-Sabah said.

For his part, Adham Sultan Mukhtar al-Bahra  said, "The brutal Turkish invasion has occupied Syria for more than 400 years and dominate the region, displace its children, and persecute its people."

"Erdogan ,who displaced the Syrian people is a terrorist. On this black day we condemn the international conspiracy against him,"  Sultan added.

 Sultan expressed his disapproval of the isolation, saying: "We will break this isolation with the solidarity of the northeastern Syria peoples, from Kurds, Arabs, Syrians, all of us against the brutal and colonized Turkish occupation."

"Turkey is isolating Ocalan in order to break the will of the people of northeastern Syria, and to exterminate civilizations and glories, but we are continuing with the ideology and philosophy of the leader, and we will be one hand until his liberation from the prisons of the Turkish occupation," Jamila Ahmed said.

Jamila pointed out that thanks to the thought and philosophy of Abdullah Ocalan, women took many of their rights, and continued, "This isolation will be broken by the unity of our people of all sects and religions."


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