Al-Huwaij: Al-Sarraj usurps power; mercenaries threaten entire international community

Libyan Foreign Minister Abdel-Hadi Al-Huwaij confirmed today that Al-Sarraj has usurped the authority in the capital, Tripoli, and pointed out that mercenaries threaten European countries and the entire international community.

Al-Huwaij told a news conference that terrorist militias occupy the homes of Libyans in Tripoli.

Al-Hawaij added: "Mercenaries not only threaten Libya, but also European countries and the international community as a whole."

The parties to the conflict in Libya had announced the suspension of their participation in political discussions, organized by the United Nations in Geneva, for various reasons.

The elected Libyan parliament stated that it would not participate in the meeting because the United Nations Mission in Libya did not approve all of its 13 representatives, while al-Sarraj government said it would prefer to wait for progress in the military negotiations.

Several Arab and European countries accuse Turkey of not fulfilling its pledges during the Berlin conference on sending mercenaries and weapons to Libya.


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