Al-Jazeera region's residents go to Serêkaniyê

In the meantime, Al-Jazeera region's residents go to the town of Serêkaniyêto help its residents to evacuate of the civilians wounded.

A convoy of Al-Jazeera region's residents is heading towards the besieged city of Serêkaniyê to help the civilians there and evacuate the wounded who were injured in the shelling of the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries.

Earlier, a convoy of thousands of people from Al-Jazeera region went to Serêkaniyê yesterday, but the Turkish occupation army bombed the convoy in violation of international laws regarding the protection of civilians, forcing the people to retreat for fear that the occupation will commit massacres against them.

On October 13, the Turkish occupation army committed a massacre of civilians after their convoy was bombed upon arrival in the city, resulted in the martyrdom 13 civilians, including two journalists, and injuring more than 70 others, including seven journalists.



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