Al-Jazeera Tempest liberated al-Shamas, al-Helwa villages

The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) liberated on Saturday the two villages of al-Shamas and al-Helwa in the countryside of al-Shadadi within the second stage of al-Jazeera Tempest campaign, and they liberated the people of the two villages who were used as human shields by IS mercenaries.


Al-Jazeera Tempest campaign that was launched by SDF continues progressing at its second stage to liberate the strategic al-Deshisha town, and insure the Iraqi-Syrian borders.

Within this campaign, SDF managed to defeat IS mercenaries in al-Shamas and al-Helwa villages which are 18 km away from al-Shadadi from the eastern part.

The two villages have been liberated after strong battles erupted against IS mercenaries who fled towards al-Deshisha town.

About the liberation, the fighter in the ranks of SDF Hussein al-Hamdi said, “We entered the two villages and liberated them with their people who were used as human shields by IS mercenaries in an attempt to obstruct our advance, and we continue liberating our people and land from IS mercenaries.”

Furthermore, the engineering teams of SDF continue combing the two villages to clean it from IS’ remnants and mines.



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