Al-Khaled: Syrian dialogue will end external interference in Syrian crisis

The politician and legal adviser of the National Democratic Alliance of Syria Aladdin al-Khalid said that the Syrian-Syrian dialogue is conducive to finding a common vision for a peaceful, comprehensive national solution to the Syrian crisis, in which all the Syrian components will participate to "end the role of the states of interests in Idlib."

The politician and legal advisor of the National Democratic Alliance of Syria, Aladdin Al-Khalid, stressed in a statement to Hawar news agency the need to put an end to the foreign interference in Syrian affairs. He stressed that the Syrian dialogue will find a solution to the Syrian crisis and end the role of foreign countries in the Syrian issue.

"Each of the countries that intervene in Syria is acting on the basis of preserving its interests, which is delaying the process of finding solutions to the crisis. They also have historic antagonism among them, such as America, Russia and Iran, which makes the conflict complex," he said.

Differences of guarantor states foiled the Astana agreement

Regarding the agreements between the so-called "guarantor states" on the areas of de-escalation, al-Khalid said "The recent Astana agreement stressed Turkey's commitment to withdraw all terrorist factions from Idlib, but international politics and the game of international interests between the three guarantor countries were challenged by differences between Russia, Iran and Turkey which have been very clear recently."

He pointed out that there were several separate meetings between Russian President Putin and Turkish President Erdogan in the absence of the third guarantor party, and all the agreements that resulted from the axis of Russia, Turkey and Iran failed because they werer limited to three countries.

On the Turkish role in Idlib, Aladdin al-Khalid noted, "Turkey is incapable of withdrawing its terrorist groups from Idlib," describing what is happening as "the plan backfired."

He continued by saying: "Turkey did not move a finger in Idlib about the attacks and operation of the Syrian regime and Russia for several reasons, the first is some of the mercenary factions got out of its control, second, the deterioration of its economy, and third, losing in the local elections in the largest cities of Turkey."

In a related context, in light of the differences between Iran and Russia in Syria, says Khalid, "Russia is pressuring Iran to get out of Syria, Turkey has also apparent and internal differences with some countries as it is confused today whether to take S-400 missiles or the suspended American deal."

Syrian-Syrian dialogue as a guarantor to curb external interference

Al-Khalid stressed the need to create an appropriate atmosphere for a Syrian-Syrian dialogue with the participation of all segments of society in order to determine the fate of the country away from external interference.

"The solution to the Syrian crisis needs a Syrian-Syrian dialogue and a common vision to build the groundwork for a peaceful, comprehensive national political solution that includes all components regardless of race or religion, and the participation of representatives of the northern and eastern region and the Autonomous Administration in constructive Syrian dialogues, and the need to conduct dialogues on Syrian soil." Concluded Aladdin al-Khalid, the politician and legal adviser to the National Democratic Alliance.



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