al-Khawatinah clan declares support for SDF, affirms that assassinations aim to stir strife

Al-Khawatinah clan in al-Hol district said that the aim of targeting clans' notables is to strike stability and provoke nationalistic seditions among the components of the region, and confirmed its support for the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and its demand to pursue these cells.

The sleeper cells of ISIS mercenaries and cells affiliated with the Syrian government try to stir up discord between SDF and the people of Deir ez-Zor by assassinating known and influential figures, and accusing SDF of that.

The sheikhs and notables of the tribes in various cities in north and east Syria have affirmed that they stand with SDF against all plans being hatched to strike the region.

In this context, the sheikhs and notables of al-Khawatinah clan in al-Hol district issued a statement to the public opinion through a press conference held in al-Khatoniya village in the northeast of the district.

The statement, which was read by al-Bahra Mukhtar, Daham Ahmed al-Sultan, was attended by many notables and sheikhs in the region, and al-Sultan noted at the beginning of his reading of the statement: "In the past days, Deir ez-Zor regions witnessed tensions as a result of the killing of one of al-Agidat tribe's notables, Matshar al-Hafl, and some parties seek to exploit this incident for stirring up discord, striking stability, and stirring up nationalistic strife among the components of our people."

Al-Sultan condemned this incident saying, "We strongly condemn the killing of clans' sheikhs in Deir ez-Zor, and we also condemn all statements calling for incitement to discord and fighting between our people and the Syrian Democratic Forces which liberated our areas from the terrorist organizations."

Al-Sultan pointed out that these assassinations are carried out by cells and organizations to cause chaos in order to accuse the Syrian Democratic Forces to implement foreign agendas that seek to ruin our country and shed the blood of our people.

He added: "We in al-Khawatinah clan affirm our firm position on standing with our clans and the Syrian Democratic Forces and not being drawn into fighting because of the seditions and tricks that are being hatched against our region."

In its statement, al-Khawatinah clan called on the Syrian Democratic Forces to pursue the cells that target the clans' sheikhs and notables, and "through which they seek to provoke the Arab street, and exploit the feelings and emotions of people to divert attention from the pursuit of these terrorist cells, and incite against the Autonomous Administration."

At the end of the statement, al-Bahra Mukhtar, Daham Ahmed al-Sultan stressed that the region "is in dire need for solidarity to maintain security and stability and safeguard the rights and dignity of our people. We express great sadness and sorrow for what is happening in stirring up the strife that leads to bloodshed and creates chaos. Thus, we must control our minds and be aware of the gravity of this stage in which plots and conspiracies are being hatched against our people, forces, and administration."

The statement ended by saying: "Shame on the masterminds of these seditions, long live the Syrian Democratic Forces."



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