Al-Mahmudli camp s' refugees suffer from bitter cold

Refugees' suffering is increasing in al-Mahmudli camp, amid lack of potential is provided to refugees.

Al-Mahmudli camp is sheltering 8,072 people, in 1,800 families, including 4,000 children, including 155 children with special needs, in this bitter cold they only find what Democratic Civil Administration(DAC) provides to them where humanitarian organizations still stick to an inaction. 

Hawar news agency (ANHA) monitored the suffering of the people in this cold, where they reported through some meetings that there was a significant failure by the humanitarian organizations working in the camp, stressing the need to move quickly and provide assistance to them.

At the context our agency (ANHA) met with Husain al-Mouhaemed one of the camp's resident saying: "the situation of the people in the camp is tragic due to the extreme cold and the lack of heating and supplies provided to the displaced, which the residents of the camp are suffering completely without being there is any solution to this issue", This suffering increased after the transfer of many families from Ain Issa camp to al-Mahmudli camp because of the Turkish aggression.

More than 325 families were transferred from Ain Issa camp after being directly targeted by Turkey, ISIS and Jabhat al-Nusra.

Fataim al-Shahoud noted the difficulty of walking on some roads in the camp as a result of the swamps made after heavy rains and freezing even drinking water got freeze, adding that the lack of supplies is also a major obstacle for thousands of displaced people to meet their daily needs.

There are 4 medical points 24-hours working, as well as Kurdish Red Crescent clinics, but they also do not receive adequate support and do not have sufficient resources to accommodate all the camp's residents, especially for children.



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