Al-Mashi: ISIS file needs international movement and allow AANES to take new measures

The Co-chair of the Social Affairs and Labor Authority in the Autonomous Administration called on the world to take action to end the file of ISIS prisoners in prisons and camps, considering the international contribution as a minimum that would enable the Autonomous Administration to take new measures, especially the separation between foreigners and Syrians in Al-Hol camp in order for it to rehabilitate the displaced Syrians in preparation for their integration Into society again.

The Co-chair of the Social Affairs and Labor Authority in the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria, Farouk Al-Mashi, came during a special meeting with Hawar News Agency to talk about the danger that Al-Hol camp poses in light of the world's silence toward ISIS detainees as well as the measures that can be taken in If the Autonomous Administration receives any support in this regard.

He began his speech by saying that Al-Hol camp is the largest and most dangerous population gathering in the region, as it contains more than 70 thousand displaced persons from more than 54 countries, and they are equipped with the takfiri ideology.

Al-Mashi continued, "The camp constitutes a great burden for the Autonomous Administration, despite the lack of support and blockade in light of the increasing needs of the displaced and the people in general."

He continued: “International community and the United Nations should contribute as a minimum to separate families of ISIS militants inside the camp from the rest of the displaced, so that the Autonomous Administration can take new measures that would rehabilitate the displaced Syrians within the camp in preparation for their return to their normal lives in their areas.

Al-Mashi considered that the process of separating the foreign camp detainees from the rest of the displaced Syrians, will enable the Autonomous Administration to work on eliminating ISIS ideology among the displaced Syrians in the camp and pave the way to return to their normal lives..

Al-Mashi pointed out that Al-Hol camp poses a great danger to the region and the neighboring countries, due to the continuing killings and other criminal operations that take place inside the camp, as it is not a secret that some of the actions of some ISIS women who are still practicing the work of the so-called calculation and the systematic promotion of ISIS ideology and the perpetration of crimes against some other displaced people and camp guards.

He pointed out during his speech that the Autonomous Administration had a very effective role in controlling security and stability and securing the needs of thousands of displaced people, considering international action is necessary to end this file.

He also mentioned the shameful international silence despite the Autonomous Administration's repeated calls on several international bodies and representatives of humanitarian and human rights organizations to contribute to establishing a court for ISIS detainees in prisons and their families in the camps.

In conclusion, he called on the world and human rights organizations to work and coordinate in order to establish an international court to hold ISIS prisoners to account in prisons, or find a specific formula through which each country would restore its citizens detained in prisons and camps in the Autonomous Administration areas.

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