Al-Mesmari: Turkey is seeking to control Libyan oil

The spokesperson for the Libyan National Army, Major General Ahmed al-Mesmari, said that the Libyan forces "continue their tasks combating terrorism and ending the crime," and pointed out that Turkey is seeking to control the Libyan oil.

Al-Mesmari opened his press conference saying: "All that relates to the military issue are under a very secret clause, and we must avoid delving into them."

He added: "What matters is that our forces continue their duties in combating terrorism and ending crime."

The spokesperson for the Libyan National Army pointed out that the army has "a large archive of militias' crimes against humanity."

He continued: "Militias carried out assassinations of civilians, men and women, and even children."

He added: "We also have records of very serious terrorist elements that threaten the armed forces, security forces, activists and politicians."

Al-Mesmari also talked about the Turkish role in Libya saying: "Turkey is taking advantage of the political chaos caused by the Brotherhood, as it seeks to stabilize the Brotherhood on the Libyan territory."

The Major General al-Mesmari revealed that "Ankara is seeking to control the Libyan oil to save its collapsed economy, and is working to transport mercenaries and ISIS militants to the Libyan territory."


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