Al-Nasra returns to front by Turkish support

At the time when the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) lead a battle to eradicate IS in the last stronghold in east of Syria, Jabhet al-Nusra mercenaries started to expand their areas and escalate their attacks on the regime forces by Turkey's green light. 


On Monday morning, The Arab newspapers touched upon the campaign to eradicate IS, in addition to the emergence of Jabhet al-Nusra supported by Turkish occupation.

Al-Arab: Hayet Tharir al-Sham returns strongly to the forefront with decline of IS

Hayet Tharir al-Sham led by Jabhet Fatah al-Sham (previously al-Nusra) has escalated its attacks against the Syrian army and its fighters in parallel with its efforts to end or limit any threat within its strongholds in Idlib governorate and the countryside of Hama and Aleppo, in particular by IS as it fears that the latter would take advantage of the recent chaos in its regions to re-gather and take a new launching base with the approach of its losing in the last pocket in al-Baguz village in the east of Syria.

Analysts say that Heyet Tahrir al-Sham and the allied factions like Huras al-Din realize that the attention is focused on them with the approach of the International Coalition's announcement to eliminate IS' organization, and that they began to move in light of this by reviewing a strength to confirm that it is a significant force, and that any attack on it would not be uprightness.

Analysts pointed out that the escalation of Hayat Tahrir al-Sham, especially against the Syrian army cannot be obtained without the consent of Turkey which has previously granted it last December the green light to control most of Idlib and its surrounding countryside which was under the control of the National Liberation Front.

Turkey is betting Heyat Tahrir al-Sham which has shown a great ability in terms of organization or ferocity in the fighting to achieve its objectives in Syria, and has worked over the last years to re-float, and these efforts continue even though till now, it is met with a special veto by Russia which has recently expressed its dissatisfaction with the lack of implementation of the Idlib agreement."

Al-Hayat: Kurds pledged to liberate IS' areas in few days, mines obstacle progress

Al-Hayat said that the Syrian Democratic Forces were slowly advancing on the farms of the town of al-Baguz, the last stronghold of the IS' organization in the east of the Euphrates because of the mines, and with their pledge to declare that the areas of Autonomous Administration are free of terrorist control within days, the co-chair of the Executive Council of the Autonomous Administration of North and East of Syria Abdul Hamid al-Muhash said that terrorism has not been over yet, revealing that the administration has released 283 suspects in belonging to IS' organization whose hands have not been stained with the Syrians' blood.



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