Al-Omar: Turkish threats affect security of all Syrian regions

Mohammed al-Omar, the sheikh of al-Amour clan from the Syrian Homs region participated in the Forum of the Euphrates Tribes, said that the Turkish threats pose a threat to all Syrian regions and not only to the north, stressing their rejection of threats and Turkey's attempts to create strife between the Syrian and Turkish people.

On the sidelines of his participation in the Forum of the Euphrates Tribes organized by the Senate in northern and eastern Syria in coordination with Syria's Democratic Council MSD, in the first of September in Tel Abyad, Sheikh of al-Amour tribe, Muhammad Al-Omar told Hawar News Agency that they are against Turkish threats to the north Syrian.

Sheikh Mohammed Al-Omar, who came from the Syrian region of Homs to participate in the forum, said: "We came here to stand in the face of Turkish threats to Syria, we as Syrian tribes condemn the Turkish threats to the safe area where there is security and safety.

Al-Omar called on the Turkish government to stop its threats to the region, expressing its rejection of any attempts to create sedition between the Syrian and Turkish peoples.

He added: "We have extended our hand for reconciliation, we reconcile each party seeking to achieve stability in Syria, and any Turkish invasion of Syrian territory will be the biggest mistake committed by the Turkish state, which will affect the security of the region and Syria in particular."

Around 1,500 tribal sheikhs and elders met in Gire Spi to discuss Turkish threats and ways to preserve the gains made in northern Syria and achieve safety in Syria.

The most prominent clans that participated in the forum were: the Bakara Clan, the Alakidat Clan, al-Jabour Clan, Alwaldh Clan, Jais Clan, Afadla Clan, Omayrat Clan, Anza Clan, Shemmer Clan, Naeem Clan, Majadma and other clans, coming from several regions of Syria .



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