Al-Qaderi: Clerics must put firm stance against Turkish occupation, its mercenaries

Sheikh Muhammad al-Qaderi pointed out that the true essence of Islam lies in brotherhood, love and peace among all other religions and sects. Clerics must take a firm stance on violations of the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries in Afrin.

During the conference, our agency, Hawar news agency held an interview meeting with a member of the Shura Council and a member of the Management and Follow-up Committee Sheikh Mohammed al-Qaderi, who stressed that the essence of true Islam lies in brotherhood, love and peace among all other religions and sects.

Afrin is a great wound in the peoples' side in the north and east of Syria

Al-Qaderi pointed out that the occupation of Afrin is a great wound that cannot be forgotten by all the peoples of north and east Syria together with all their religions and doctrines because what is happening in Afrin is far from human values.

Al-Qaderi said that the Christian, Islamic, Yazidi and other religions do not accept what the Turkish occupation is doing to the defenseless civilians; their displacement, committing the most inhuman practices against them and destroying cemeteries and monuments in addition to changing the demographics of the region.

And added saying, "The horrors committed against the sheikhs, children and women in Afrin before the eyes of the world without movement by anyone, condemning the position of the Muslim countries that have not made any statement during their conferences which were held in several Arab and Islamic countries.

He criticized the position of religious scholars in the Arab and Muslim world who claim to be on the path of the Prophet and pointed out that they must take a unified position against the plot that was inflicted to our people in Afrin.

We have a great belief that our forces are capable of returning Afrin to the homeland

Al-Qaderi explained their belief in God and the strength of the young men and women who sacrificed their lives for the sake of dignity, liberating peoples, achieving coexistence, peaceful coexistence and brotherhood of peoples to live on this geographical spot without discrimination, which represents the true religion, and that these heroes are able to return Afrin to the lap of homeland.

The member of Shura Council Sheikh Mohammad al-Qaderi said at the end of his speech, "The fate of the tyrannical regimes and the political parties who supported the occupier in entering their land and betrayed their country will be collapse and fall, and history will not forget their shameful deeds."



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