Al-Qaftan: After defeating IS, we to eliminate its thought with Arab clans

Ibrahim al-Qaftan said that after defeating IS, and as the Syrian Future Party with the Arab clans, they will work to eliminate IS' thought in the area and replace it with the thought of "citizenship and patriotism," confirming that, they will safe Syria from other civil wars.


This came during an interview held by ANHA agency with the head of the Future Syria Party, Ibrahim al-Qaftan as al-Qaftan shed light on the ongoing incidents.

Al-Qaftan pointed out that all the countries interfered in Syria seek to achieve their interests at the expense of the Syrian people. He added, "Recently, we have seen how America decided to withdraw, but later it decided to keep 400 soldiers."

Al-Qaftan said that they as a party do not depend on external sides but they rely on Syria's people and work on achieving Syria's interests. Yes, the Coalition played a big role in defeating IS. We do not forget that, but this does not mean that we depend on them."

Al-Qaftan added, "The battle with IS has ended geographically, but IS' thought still exists. As the Future Syria Party, we will work with the Arab tribes in the area to eradicate the thought of IS. This task is more difficult than the mission carried by the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF)."

As for the mechanism of eliminating IS' thought, al-Qaftan said that they are working on it during the public meetings and the activities they hold.

Al-Qaftan added, "We will work to replace IS' thought with citizenship and patriotism that will save Syria from fighting, other civil wars and the emergence of other movements. We will reach Syria to advanced stages under the title of democracy, decentralization and pluralism within the identity of citizenship and patriotism."

Al-Qaftan also said that the Russian-American rapprochement aims at achieving the interests and added, "We must ask ourselves, where our interest lies? As the Future Syrian Party, we will not only limit our works in north and east Syria, but will try to reach all the Syrian lands."



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