Al-Qaftan: Turkish occupation must be defeated from Syrian lands

The head of the Future Syria Party (FSP) Ibrahim al-Qaftan, stressed the need to defeat the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries in the Syrian lands, he noted that Turkey seeks to revive the Ottoman Empire, “But history will not go backward, but rather go ahead

The head of the party, Al-Qaftan, talk came during an interview with Hawar News Agency (ANHA) during his participation in the activities of the first day of the sit-in tent that was established by the Youth Council of the party, the Manbij branch, yesterday in the city of Manbij, in condemnation of the Turkish occupation's attacks on the regions of northeast Syria.

In the context of his speech, he said that the tent is addressed to the Syrian government and all parties on the Syrian arena that we have to negotiate and there will be no solution for Syria except the dialogue table and drafting new constitution for Syria."

He stressed the need to defeat the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries from the Syrian lands that was liberated thanks to the blood of the martyrs.

The Syrian politician indicated that Turkey seeks to revive the colonial Ottoman Empire, and added: "But history will not go back, but rather ahead."

He stressed the need for all Syrians to take a rational stand against the colonial mentality of Turkey.

Referring to the international conflict on the Syrian lands, Al-Kaftan said that "fighting for the interests are going on in the Syrian arena." He concluded his speech by saying that the Future Syria Party is calling for a unified Syria within the framework of decentralized, pluralistic, democratic state.

It should be noted that the sit-in activities in the tent are scheduled to last for 4 days, and comes to express the popular rejection of the escalating Turkish attacks in the recent period on separate areas of northeast Syria, especially Ain Issa district.

Ain Issa district and surrounding villages have been witnessing for more than 6 weeks a Turkish military escalation, as the area is subjected to artillery and missile strikes that coincide with ground attacks launched by mercenary groups affiliated with the Turkish occupation from time to time, seeking to occupy villages in the vicinity of the district and block the international road.



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