Al-Qenaya district begins cultivating vegetables seedlings

The residents of the village of al-Qenaya, west of the city of Kobani, planted vegetables in hothouses, which will be sold to farmers after about two months to be planted in the fields as summer season has come.

At this time of the year, residents of the region begin to set up plastic tents and plant all types of vegetables under them, and take care of them for about two months to grow and become ready for cultivation in the fields with the approach of summer season.

The most famous vegetables planted in al-Qenaya district are the tomato, cucumber, eggplant, peppers and zucchini. In addition to planting and selling the saplings of these vegetables, the people depend on planting these vegetables in their fields and selling them in the markets of Kobani canton. The production of this area of vegetables provides in the summer about half of the needs of the city of Kobani and its western countryside.

Ali Mohammed al-Ahmad from al-Qenaya village has explained that he planted this year 20 acres of land with cucumber and eggplant. al-Ahmad pointed out that the cultivation of vegetables in green houses requires great care to give good production. The seeds of these seedlings were planted in hothouses a month ago and are still growing. After growing, these seedlings will be taken from the hothouses, and cultivated in another orchard and then sold.

At the end of his speech, Ali Mohammed al-Ahmad thanked the Committee of Agriculture for helping them to build greenhouses and wished that this year would be a good year and get good production from planting seedlings.



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