Al-Raqqa city's rubble used in roads leveling

The Technical Services Department in al-Raqqa People's Municipality responds to the demands of the residents demanding the removal of the rubble of the destroyed buildings, so the municipality takes advantage of them in the roads leveling.


Having removed most of the ruins of the destroyed buildings from the residential neighborhoods and streets, transferring the remaining rubble is dependent on the request of the people to the People's Municipality, which in turn sent mechanisms for the transfer and removal of the rubble for the places allocated to them, and to take advantage of them in the excavation and the roads leveling.

The Municipality removes the rubble to the dumps outside the city. However, recently, in order to take advantage of the fine rubble, the municipality is spreading the smooth rubble on the roads and through the random neighborhoods and leveling it to become a basis layer for paving the future road.

The official of Technical Service Department Ammar al-Hussien said, "We note that the amount of rubble has decreased significantly within the city during the previous months, and we as a technical services office working in certain neighborhoods to remove rubble in coordination with the Technical Service Committee and the people's councils in the city, where the People's Council work to receive the requests of the people and sends them to us to remove the rubble from these areas."



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