Al-Raqqa Civil Council decides to reorganize communes and councils

The Civil Council of al-Raqqa decided to restructure the communes and councils, which have been formed after the liberation of the city from IS by the Syrian Democratic Forces to secure the people's necessities, and organize them within the city and the countryside.


After the liberation of al-Raqqa in 20 October 2017, al-Raqqa's Civil Council has formed councils and communes aimed to organize the people, and secure their necessities, the councils formed reached to 34 councils in al-Raqqa and its countryside.

The communes and councils must be restructured so that these councils and communes can perform the tasks assigned to them better after the return of the people of al-Raqqa and its countryside.

In this context, the co-chair of the Councils Organization Office of al-Raqqa's Civil Council, Louay al-Issa said, the councils' number reached to 34 councils, after the liberation and with the return of the people who left their homes due to the practices of IS, and the wars witnessed in the area, during the discussion of the Administration Body in the Civil Council, it decided to restructure the councils and communes.


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