Al-Raqqa clan's notables: Daesh trial must be in N, E Syria

The notables of al-Raqqa clans rejected the decisions that foreign countries are trying to impose about an international tribunal for mercenaries in Iraq. They stressed the need to hold mercenaries accountable in the north and east of Syria, where they committed the most heinous crimes against humanity.

After Syrian Democratic Forces have eliminated Daesh mercenaries in all areas of northern and eastern Syria, attention was drawn to the establishment of international tribunals to hold mercenaries accountable in Iraq. This resolution was met with direct rejection by the people, elders and dignitaries of the northern and eastern parts of Syria.

Al-Bureij clan's notable Mohammed Nur al-Dhib said that the most Syrian city that witnessed Daesh criminality is al-Raqqa as it they took it capital for their alleged caliphate. He called on the international community to prosecute mercenaries in areas where mercenaries shed blood.

"The accountability of mercenaries in Iraq will not heal the hearts of the martyrs who liberated our regions from the terror of Daesh which threatened the whole world," he said.

Shiekh of Sabkha clan, Muhamad al-So'an said, "Daesh mercenaries who have wronged must be held accountable here, they killed and displaced our children, and we demand that all elders and dignitaries of the tribes be with us to rebuild our region." he said.


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