Al-Raqqa notables: Afrin is not for sale nor for bargaining

The notables of al-Raqqa clans stressed that the Turkish occupation aims to divide the Syrian lands through the partition wall that is being built in Afrin to isolate it from Syria. This is a new occupation of Syrian territory, what happened in Golan and Iskenderun will not be repeated in Afrin in the light of the strong cohesion of all the components of the north of Syria."

As for the international and regional conspiracy that is being plot against the Syrian people, the notables of al-Raqqa city stressed that the Syrian Democratic Forces are the only ones capable of curbing the Turkish occupation policy from its irrational statements, such as building a concrete wall isolating the city of Afrin from the rest of Syria.

Sheikh of Bou Asaf clan Fayez al-Batran said, "We, the people of the North of Syria in general and the city of al-Raqqa in particular, denounce and decry the Turkish aggression against the Syrian people on the construction of the concrete wall, through which the Turkish occupation aims to divide Syria."

"The Turkish state occupied Syria more than 400 years, leaving behind nothing but destruction, killing and rampant ignorance. Any occupation of the Turkish state to the land of Afrin will have a strong political and military response," he said. "Syrian Democratic Forces succeeded in defeating the Turkish regime." Al-Batran added.

"What happened in the Golan Heights and Iskenderun will not be repeated in Afrin," he added. "We are in the city of al-Raqqa, the youth and the elderly, we are all ready to martyr for the liberation of Afrin and the protection of the Syrian territorial unity."

Notable of Hanni clan, Qasim al-Hanni said that the statements and threats of Turkey have become a source of doubt to all countries of the world, especially after defeating the strategic ally of the Turkish occupation on Syrian territory represented by Daesh.

Al-Hanni noted "Human rights organizations should monitor the hostile actions of the Turkish occupation against the people of Afrin through the process of demographic change, the destruction of infrastructure, the killing of women, the elderly and children."

He concluded by saying: "The Turkish occupation state has been and continues to hinder the peace process and political solution in Syria through its mercenaries located in Syrian territory, and added: Turkey was the main crossing of mercenaries to the Syrian territory."



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