Al-Raqqa notables thank Ocalan on his message confirm their adherence to his ideology

Arab clans' sheikhs in al-Raqqa city have thanked the Kurdish people's leader, Abdullah Ocalan in response to the greeting sent by Ocalan to them and the elders confirmed their adherence to the ideology of the democratic nation

 In a meeting with Öcalan with his brother, the leader of the Kurdish people, Abdullah Ocalan, in early August, the Kurdish leader sent his greetings to the Arab tribes.

Tribal sheikhs, in their turn, responded to his message and confirmed that they would continue to support them until the ideology of the democratic nation was implemented in their regions.

Sheikh clan of Mussa al-Zaher Ayed Hadi said" During the past few days we have received a message from the leader Abdullah Ocalan and his new emphasis on the political solution away from the military. Today, we as al-Raqqa clans' notable, we call for world peace and rejection of hatred among the peoples of the region. "

Ayed al-Hadi said during his speech, "We will stand to our fullest potential and the members of our tribe with the Syrian Democratic Forces, which freed us from the clutches of terrorism thanks to the philosophy of the leader of freedom and peace Abdullah Ocalan."

The sheikh of Sabkha clan, Sheikh Mohammed Turki al-Suanan, thanked the leader of the Kurdish people, Abdullah Ocalan and he wished that his captivity be released as soon as possible and added "Abdullah Ocalan has become a beacon of global democratic thought."

"Today, the northern and eastern regions of Syria live a free and democratic life full of love and respect among all components of the Syrian people, thanks to the philosophy of leader Abdullah Ocalan," he concluded.



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