Al-Raqqa's explosion left 5 victims

The victims of the explosion of a landmine left by mercenaries on Monday in the city of al-Raqqa, left five victims from two families children, three of them lost life and two were seriously injured.

Our agency(ANHA) correspondents from al-Raqqa reported a landmine explosion in al-Nour Street in the city of al-Raqqa at around 16:00 on Monday, killing 3 civilians and injuring two seriously.

The bodies of the three victims were taken to the center of the initial response team, while the injured were taken to the Euphrates hospital.

Our correspondents got the names of the victims, they were all children of two families, who were residents of al-Jezrat junction in the city of al-Raqqa.

According to the information obtained by our eyewitnesses and the initial response team, the five children were walking around the city and the rubble of the buildings and collecting scraps to sell, and during that one of the mercenary mines exploded.

The names of the children who lost their lives, according to the initial response team, were "Sobhiya Khaled Suleiman, 17 years old, Khalil Khaled Suleiman, 11 years old, and Hanan Mousa Al-Mar'i, 17 years old."

The wounded children were Nasser Musa al-Mar'i and 'Aida Mousa al-Mar'i, who were less than 12 years old. They were the siblings of Hanan Musa, who lost her life. According to the doctors, the condition of the injured was serious and entered the operating room.



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