​​​​​​​Al-Rashed: Syrian dialogue is the best option to resolve the Syrian crisis

The Sheikh of Albu Khmais clan in Tabqa, Hussein Al-Rashed, said that the purpose of "Settlements" is to prolong the Syrian crisis, and stressed that there is no alternative to the internal Syrian dialogue to resolve the Syrian issue.

The speech of Sheikh of Albu Khmais clan in Tabqa, Hussein al-Rashed, came after Damascus government continued its calls for "Settlements" it had recently promoted in cities of Raqqa and Tabqa, which was met with strict rejection by all north and east Syria' people.

Al-Rashed began his speech by saying: "Damascus government trying to implement a new policy of what is called "Reconciliation" with the people of eastern region, and recently it has been promoted in cities of Raqqa and Tabqa," stressing" what is happening on the ground "It is completely different from what is being promoted by Damascus, because the Syrian people are now aware of the consequences of those "Reconciliations" and the extent of its danger on Syrian reality and future.

Al-Rashed stressed that Syrian regime want through this policy to restore its influence and dominance over the areas that now reject slavery and subordination. He described, "These reconciliations are the process of misleading the people and concealing the facts from them, it does not seek to resolve Syrian issue at all, but rather want to prolong it and increase its complexity."

Al-Rashed explained that "there are some special cases that Damascus government has exploited such as forcing people who live in Autonomous Administration areas and own real estate in government-controlled areas to come to make "Settlements" in exchange for not selling these properties at public auction, and this is clear evidence that the authoritarianism mentality is still present, and everything that is presented to the media affiliated with Damascus about "Reconciliations" is a false and deception."

Hussein Al-Rashed, pointed out that " Reconciliation is not in this way and individually with some personalities and parties, but rather with the response of Damascus government to Syrian dialogue that we have demanded since 2017, in order to preserve the unity of Syrian geography and unity of the components of the people each other to achieve stability and safety for the rest of Syrian territories."

And he warned against "Syrian regime, which realizes that Syrian dialogue or implementation of UN Security Council Resolution 2254 is the end of Syrian crisis, and it in turn does not seek to solve it, so it resorted to so-called "Settlement" that would destabilize and provoke strife in the stable regions."

At the conclusion of his speech, Hussein Al-Rashed indicated that "Reconciliations" has nothing to do with Syrian people, but rather the people are the ones who decide their fate and future, through a dialogue with all the people with each other to reach a solution that ends the Syrian crisis.



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