Al-Shadadi youth reject Turkish interventions, fully ready to defend on their country

Al-Shadadi district's youth have stressed their rejection of any aggression or interference of the Turkish occupation on the sovereignty of the Syrian territories, and expressed their readiness to defend it to complete the march of freedom started by the martyrs.

 Turkey is taking various arguments and pretexts amid the silence of the international community to violate the sovereignty of Syrian territories and the desecration of its borders under the name of buffer zone, which is considered a direct occupation, according to various components of the region rejecting any Turkish intervention.

In this regard, Hawar news agency (ANHA) met with a number of youth of al-Shadadi district, Basim Shuwaikh, he is resident from al-Shadadi district, stressed that "Turkey is seeking to enter the sanctity of the land of northern Syria, which was watered in the blood of the heroes of SDF 's fighters and the united people of the region, where thousands of our fighters had been martyred and wounded for defeating terrorism and raising the banner of victory over the heads of those who have weak souls to tamper with our security and peace." 

Al-Shuwaikh pointed out that the Turkish occupation seeks through its threats to occupy the region and annex the border strip to Turkish territory as it did in Afrin and many Syrian cities, by isolating it and building the partition wall there under the pretext of protecting its people who became displaced from their homes and lands.

Al-Shuwaikh stressed that they are the young people of the north of Syria and the various components are joining together. "Our will in the legitimate defense of our land and our honor will not be shaken, and we will not stand idly by," he said. We will be a strong wall to protect our people and complete the march of our heroic martyrs."

For his part, Mohammed al-Ali saw that the human shields tents set up in various cities of northern Syria on the border strip are hard proof of the adherence of the people to their soil and their rejection of the Turkish occupation, and a message to prove the presence and readiness to defend the areas of north and east of Syria.

Al-Ali affirmed his rejection of the Turkish occupation, saying, "We will not accept any project to enter the Ottoman occupation north and east of Syria, even if it costs us our lives, and we will resist till last breath."



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