Al-Shaddadeh residents: We to triumph over occupation, just as we defeated ISIS

The people of al-Shaddadeh stressed during the demonstration condemning the practices of the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries in northern and eastern Syria that they will triumph over the occupation, just as they defeated ISIS mercenaries.

Dozens of people from al-Shaddadeh district gathered in front of the district's council building at the invitation of the district's council and the civil institutions to participate in a demonstration condemning the Turkish occupation and its repeated attacks on the northern and eastern regions of Syria and on the safe people in northern Iraq.

The demonstration started in front of the council building and headed to al-Jebsa Square, chanting the slogans that condemn the crimes of the Turkish occupation in northern and eastern Syria and its attacks on Şengal regions in northern Iraq.

The demonstrators held pictures of the female martyrs who were martyred a few days ago in the bombing of the Turkish occupation's drone on the village of Helinj in Kobane, and banners condemning the crimes of the occupation and calling on the international community to move.

When the demonstration reached the end point in al-Jebsa Square, everybody held a minute of silence, after which the Kongra Star's Administrator in al-Shaddadeh district, Amira al-Saad, delivered a speech in which she said: "We call on the free people in the world to stand up to the practices of the Turkish fascism and its mercenaries; killing and arresting women, kidnapping them and terrorizing the security in northeastern Syria and northern Iraq."

Amira noted that the recent attacks and the martyrdom of the women in Kobane are evidence of the Turkish occupation and the Justice and Development Party fear of the free women's resistance, "so we appeal to all women and free people in the world to show solidarity with women in northeastern Syria and put an end to the violations of the Turkish occupation."

For his part, and during a speech on behalf of the martyrs' families, the Co-chair of the Martyrs' Families Foundation, Salem al-Salem, condemned the repeated Turkish attacks and targeting the innocent people without distinguishing between children,  women and old people.

He added: "These attacks aim at wasting the joy of victory achieved by the Syrian Democratic Forces against ISIS terrorist organization."

Al-Salem stressed that they will win against them, just as victory was achieved by the sacrifices of martyrs against ISIS mercenaries.

The demonstration ended with chanting the slogans that revive the resistance of the peoples of northern and eastern Syria.


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