Al-Shahba Council denounces 15 Feb plot in a statement

Al-Shahba canton's people and its civil councils and political parties have condemned the international plot against the Kurdish people leader Abdullah Ocalan, in joint statement released on Monday.


Dozens of members and administrators of al-Shahba Council and political parties in Fafin district gathered to read a statement condemning the international plot against Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan, which entered the 21st anniversary.

The statement was read by a member of the Supervision and Follow-up committee in al-Shahba canton Fatima Khalo.

The text of the statement:

"The fifteenth day of February of every year marks the day when the conspirator states tried to undermine the will of the people who resisted the extermination of the existence, the peoples that adopted the thought and philosophy of the leader Apo as a path to freedom to salvation from slavery and injustice.

"The plot of February 15, 1999 against leader Ocalan was a humanitarian assassination against the Kurdish people and the peoples of the Middle East, who are eager for freedom and democracy. This conspiracy continues to this day, targeting the Kurdish people and their culture to silence their voice and undermine their will. Handicapping the Kurdish people in particular from participating in a solution to the Syrian crisis is a continuation of the international conspiracy against the Kurdish people in the person of leader Abdullah Ocalan, and the isolation imposed by the Turkish state on the leader Abdullah Ocalan, in order to prevent communication between the spirit and the body was resistance of prisons led by Leyla Guven and Nasser Yagz and their comrades) a victory for the will of peoples eager for salvation and freedom."

We, Al-Shahba canton's people, with its civil councils and political parties, condemn and strongly denounce the international conspiracy against the Kurdish people in the person of leader Abdullah Ocalan. We confirm that this plot was unsuccessful to reach its goal since its birth. The heroic resistance shown by the peoples of north and east of Syria in general, al–Shahba and Afrin specially to defeat the hordes of terrorism in their stronghold before spreading through the countries of the world, as well as the resistance to the occupation of North Syria by the Turkish state and its mercenaries, is the best proof of that.

We also call on the international community, headed by the United Nations, the European Union, human rights organizations and free peoples, to stand up for their historical responsibility and work to free the leader Abdullah Ocalan from the international conspiracy and to support him in his just humanitarian cause and to pressure the Turkish authorities to leave out of all the occupied territories and deter it from its random and unjust policies against the people in general and the Kurdish people in particular.

Mercy to our martyrs and the speedy recovery of the wounded

Freedom to all our prisoners, headed by leader Abdullah Ocalan

Long live prisons resistance

Long live Apo



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