AL-Shahba Council distributes assistances to needy

The Social Affairs and Labor Committee of al-Shahba Council distributes 2,450 relief packages to the needy families who are living in the canton and the displaced who are coming from the occupied areas, while the committee also provides sums of money to other 70 families.


There are 5,400 families from al-Shahba canton, among them 855 are displaced from the southern countryside of Aleppo and the areas of al-Shahba such as Tel Aran, Tel Has, Kafr Saghir, al-Bab city, Azaz and other Syrian areas. The Committee provides them with assistance and requirements to the extent of their limited potential.

There are 1,600 poor families living in al-Shahba canton about 70 families are suffering from poverty and the committee spends monthly 5,000 S.P for each member of the family.

Hawar news agency (ANHA) interviewed with the administrator of the Social Affairs and Labor Committee of al-Shahba canton Mustafa Shaker said, "We are distributing aid to the people of the canton and the displaced from the occupied areas of al-Shahba according to our possibilities."



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