Al-Shahba people demand regime to clarify its position towards Turkish occupation

The people of al-Shahba canton denounced the silence and inability of the Syrian regime to limit the manipulation of the fate of Syrian territories by outside parties, calling on the Syrian people everywhere to unite and stand against tyrants and threats of Turkey.

The Turkish state and its mercenaries occupied the Syrian regions and villages from Jarablus to Afrin, and they are practicing the worst crimes and violations against the civilians of the region.

In addition to the practice of the policy of Turkification and demographic change, and all that is said and more are happening before the eyes of the world, especially the Syrian regime, which did nothing to limit the Turkish intervention that threatens the unity of Syrian territories.

In this context, Hawar news agency's reporter interviewed a number of residents of the area as the citizen Aisha Hussein said: "I would like my massage to reach the world and the Syrian regime in particular. The regime has not protected its people from the beginning of the crisis until this moment. "

Aisha noted that the Russians and the Iranians' intervention in the Syrian affairs increases and deepens the crisis and blocks the ways of solution, especially following these sides the policy of swap regions and provinces on the expense of their interests.

For his part, the citizen Ahmed Hussein said: "Turkey took advantage of the current war conditions in Syria, occupied many areas and supported the mercenary gangs in all ways and means. Day after day, their brutality shows by imposing their influence on the Syrian citizens and the restoration of the Ottoman Sultanate."

Hussein touched upon the insult and unacceptable dirty practices imposed on the people in the areas occupied by Turkey, stressing the Syrian regime's need to reveal a serious and rejecting attitude of the Turkish presence in Syria to protect the people away from personal interests.

The citizen Siham Alo decried with strict phrases the Turkish excesses and intervention in the affairs of the Syrian people, making clear that Turkey wants to loot and robber the possessions and ancient history of the area's peoples, and that the silence and disregard of the Syrian regime for its threats to the safe areas from time to time amid its occupation of the territories deepen the crisis and create more chaos and crimes.

The citizen Rahma Alo also called on the Syrian regime to refrain from dealing with external parties in the affairs of the Syrian crisis, and said that the Syrian regime must remove the Turkish presence in Syria and begin seriously to resolve the crisis.


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