AL-Shahba women: Turkish occupation 's practices will not undermine our will

Al-Shahba women's canotn have stressed that Turkish occupation's practices will not undermine the will of the resistance people, confirming their support for the SDF in its war against the Turkish occupation and its gangs.

The Turkish occupation and its mercenaries continue their aggression on the areas of north and east Syria, amid the massacres against civilians, while the fighters of the resistance of dignity continue to repel the Turkish aggression and the occupation and its mercenaries suffered heavy losses in lives, and the failure of their attacks on the region, which entered its seventh day.

In this regard, ANHA agency monitored the views of women who are living in al-Shahba district about Turkish attacks on northern and eastern Syria.

"We decry the barbaric operations carried out by the Turkish aggression and its mercenaries, who are sending armed factions from Idlib through all the occupied areas and into a fierce war in northern Syria," said Nariman al-Hussein.

She explained that the Turkish occupation is aimed at the security and stability enjoyed by the people of those areas, she added, "These areas are not all Kurdish society, but include all components of Arabs, Turkmen, Assyrians and Christians, it does not target the Kurds only targets all peoples."

For her part, stressed the citizenship Iman Osu, that the practices of the Turkish occupation will not break their will, and continued "condemn the attacks on northern Syria. We also condemn the martyrdom of martyr Hafrin Khalaf, those practices will not break the will of women, the will of women will remain free and it is the strongest. "

"We say we are steadfast and support them and stand side by side in order to break the will of the enemy and expel him outside the Syrian borders," said Rahma Mohammed Alou.



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