Al-Sham Legion mercenaries kill a Kurdish citizen in Sherawa district

On June 25, the "Al-Sham Legion" mercenaries killed a citizen of the Sherawa district in the occupied canton of Afrin, while he was on his way from his village to the neighboring "Al-Ghazawiya" village to buy some food.

"Al-Sham Legion mercenaries of the Turkish occupation killed the 55-year-old citizen "Saeed Ahmed Sheikh Ali", nicknamed "Abu Luqman", from the people of the village of "Ba'iya" in Shirawa district," according to local source.

"The citizen "Saeed" left his house and went with his tractor to the village of "Al-Ghazawiya" to buy foodstuffs. As he was leaving the village, two cars belonging to the "Al-Sham Legion" mercenaries followed him, after which he was found dead," the source added.

"In order to cover up their crime, they overturned the agricultural tractor, to show that his death (Saeed Ahmed Sheikh) was natural as a result of the tractor's overturning," the source confirmed.

The local source clarified that "the citizen "Saeed" was subjected to a gunshot wound to the head, where the mercenaries put his body in a closed black bag and ordered his relatives not to open the bag and bury it quickly, but his relatives refused It turns out he had a gunshot wound.

But his relatives do not dare to talk about the case."

The source added that Saeed and his son were previously kidnapped, subjected to severe torture and threatened with death more than once by the mercenaries.



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