​​​​​​​Al-Sheikh Maksoud and Al-Ashrafieh Electricity Committee limits violations

The Electricity Committee of the People's Municipality in Al-Sheikh Maksoud and Al-Ashrafieh in Aleppo city called on the people not to install violation sockets on the main power lines, and said that they would be forced to impose fines on the violators.

Installing irregular sockets on the main lines causes frequent pressure and malfunctions in the network and interruption of electricity from the two neighborhoods.

Mohammed Hussein, the member of the Electricity Committee in the People's Municipality in Al-Sheikh Maksoud and Al-Ashrafieh neighborhoods confirmed that manipulating devices to measure the consumption of electrical current or tampering with their connections is considered an infringement on a public utility.

The Committee conducted a checkup on the electricity network to install the violated electrical sockets, sent notices to the violators, and determined financial fines for those who infringed on the public property and stole electricity from the main supply lines.

During the mercenaries' occupation of Al-Sheikh Maksoud and Al-Ashrafieh, they stole large numbers of electrical consumption measuring devises , and to solve this problem, the Electricity Committee has found alternatives.

Mohammed Hussein said: "We have secured 16 amps circuit breakers for them until the electrical current measurement devices are secured. If they do not adhere to those circuit breakers, we warn them, and if they do not take these warnings into account, we determine material violations which start with 15,000 and may reach 100,000 for people who intentionally steal power lines despite providing them with devices."


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