Al-Sour town people condemned international silence over Turkish violations in Afrin

People of al-Sour Town in Deir ez-Zor countryside condemned the violations of the Turkish in Afrin canton and refused the occupation wall in Afrin and condemned the international silence over these violations.

The Turkish occupation state continues its violations against the people of Afrin and is currently working on building a wall around Afrin to annex it to Turkish territory. In this regard, the residents of al-Sour town condemned the silence of the international community during an interview conducted by our agencies.

"We reject any occupation of Syrian territory, Turkey does not want the Syrian people to live in safe, but would like to sow sedition between the peoples of the region," said Baathia Abdel Razzaq.

In turn, the citizen Bushra al-Ahmad refused to put any wall between Afrin and the Syrian territories and praised the role of the Syrian Democratic Forces that liberated northern and eastern Syria from mercenaries. "Syria's Democratic Forces have become a significant force, and as Daesh defeated  in our regions the Turkish occupation will get out of our region."

Citizen Hashim Melhem pointed out that the Syrian people should unite ranks before the schemes of the countries that wish to steal the blessings of Syria.



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