Al-Sulaimaniyah Asayîş closed Freedom Movement, Women Organization's headquarters

Asayîş Forces of al-Sulaimaniyah closed the headquarters of the Kurdistan Freedom Movement and the Kurdistan Free Women's Organization by order of the supreme authorities according to their claim.


On November 25, 2018, the Kurdistan Region Government (KRG) decided to close the offices of the Kurdish Freedom Movement in the Kurdistan Region. The decision was implemented, and all the party's offices in al-Sulaimaniyah areas and provinces were evacuated.

On Wednesday morning, the Asayîş Forces of al-Sulaimaniyah city closed the headquarters of the Kurdish Free Organization (RJAK) in the city, and attributed the reason that it had received an order from the higher security authorities as they claimed.

In a related context, the Asayîş Forces closed the headquarters of the Women's Organization as well as the headquarters of the Kurdistan Society Freedom Movement in al-Sulaimaniyah.



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