Al-Tabqa, al-Raqqa people: Turkish policy has become malignant cancer

Hundreds of people from the countryside of al-Tabqa and al-Raqqa went today in massive demonstrations in which they condemned the crimes of the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries against the peoples in the occupied areas, and called for protecting the gains of northern and eastern Syria and the Autonomous Administration.


In al-Raqqa, dozens of people from the southern countryside gathered at al-Jisr al-Qadim (the Old Bridge) roundabout in the village of Kesra Faraj and set off towards the center of the village, with the participation of the sheikhs and notables of the region's tribes.

 The participants in the march chanted slogans calling for protecting the gains of northern and eastern Syria and the Autonomous Administration, and denounced the continued Turkish targeting of the region and the international silence towards it.

After the demonstrators stopped, the Co-Chair of Khatt al-Shamiyya Council, Raad al-Tamr, read a speech in which he denounced the Turkish practices in the occupied territories, and he also referred to the participatory spirit that the people of north and east Syria live by preserving the principle of fraternity of peoples and supporting the Autonomous Administration.

The march ended with chanting slogans denouncing the Turkish occupation of the regions of Syria and the continuing plots to strike the stability of northern and eastern Syria.


In al-Tabqa, dozens of residents of al-Jaraniya town and its affiliated villages northwest of al-Tabqa took part in a similar demonstration with the participation of members of the Future Syria Party and the families of the martyrs, denouncing the practices of the Turkish occupation state and the brutal actions carried out by its mercenaries, while the demonstrators held banners with "Al-Tabqa women reject and denounce the criminal acts against Afrin women," "No for the Turkish occupation," "It is time to preserve the gains of our revolution."

After the demonstrators gathered in front of al-Jaraniya Town Council, raising the victory signals high and denouncing fascism and the Ottoman Empire, and after holding a minute of silence in tribute and homage for the souls of the martyrs, the Co-Chair of the town of al-Jaraniya, Hanan al-Khalaf, made a statement in the name of the people of al-Jarnieh who condemned in their statement "the brutal and inhuman acts committed against the people of the occupied areas from Afrin to Girê Spî and Serêkaniyê, as systematic displacement acts are still at the top of the crimes list, in addition to the crimes of murder, kidnapping and rape against women.

In their statement, the demonstrators held the international community fully responsible for all crimes committed in the occupied areas by the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries, calling on the international powers to reconsider the Turkish policy in the region which has become "a malignant cancer" for all regional and surrounding countries.



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