Al-Tabqa clans: Ocalan 's message is sources of pride, prestige to us

Sheikh Fawaz al-Baik said that "the message of leader Ocalan is a page written in gold in the pages of Arab history," pointing out that Ocalan is free in his free human thought and lofty concepts, adding that isolation is an illusion in the minds of "Ottoman fascism," stressing the depth of the historical root of Arab relations - Kurdish.

In an interview with ANHA with Sheikh of al-Sakhani clan Sheikh Fawaz al-Baik on the essence of the message of the Kurdish people leader Abdullah Ocalan, in which he sent a tribute to Arab tribes in the areas of northern and eastern Syria, Al-Baik pointed out several points illustrating the importance of this message in the hearts of the Arab people in particular.

Ocalan's message has established the reality of the Arab-Kurdish link throughout history

He pointed out that the message of Ocalan is the biggest proof of the essence of the relationship and brotherhood ties between the Arab and Kurdish peoples since the beginning of history. "The depth of the historical root of this relationship has been under the shadow of marginalization and opacity since its inception, but today this reality is embodied in the areas of northern and eastern Syria in the highest the finest form, this is only thanks to Ocalan philosophy that unveiled the historical facts buried by the Authority and its tools, thus trying to disrupt these longstanding ties and relations among the peoples of the region.

Ocalan's message is a source of pride for us

"The message that the leader Ocalan addressed to our clans is a medal of pride in the pages of Arab history. "Today, we as Arab tribes in the region pay tribute to these long-standing and timeless positions in history, which we must not forget but to be proud not only of us as Arabs but of all the people of the region and the all the world. "he said.

In a letter to the leader of the Kurdish people, Abdullah Ocalan, who was conveyed by his brother, Muhammad Ocalan, after visiting him in Imrali prison during the days of Eid al-Adha, he sent his greetings to the Arab tribes in northern and eastern Syria, confirming that he had strong relations with the tribes of the region during his presence in Syrian territory. Prior to the international conspiracy which was plotted against him."

ʹ20 years and the isolation of us people and Ocalan is the only free among us

"The 20 years of extreme isolation imposed on the leader of humanity," he said. "Is only isolation imposed on the people who ignorance of the truth of history before this leader, who was and is still the only free among us, isolation is not walls, but mental and free mentality.

We wait for the leader to be a conveyor of our people to its freedom.

Al-Baik concluded by wishing him the name of the Arab tribes in the region to release "the leader of humanity to be the guide and lighthouse that illuminates the path of the people and be a bridge through which our people cross to their desired freedom and which had stolen from it throughout history."




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