Al-Tabqa people commemorate 6 martyrs of March

People of al-Tabqa commemorated the martyrs of March in a ceremony held at the Center of Culture and Art in the city of al-Tabqa.

The Martyrs' Families Council in the city of al-Tabqa organized a ceremony to commemorate the six martyrs of the Syrian Democratic Forces and Internal Security Forces who were martyred in different places in March of last year.

The ceremony was attended by the Joint Chief of the Legislative Council for Civil Administration in al-Tabqa Roshin Hami, Co-Chair of the Executive Council Hind Al-Ali, Women Administration in al-Tabqa, the wounded house, Future Syria Party, along with dozens of members of civil and military committees and institutions.

The memorial ceremony began with a minute of silence in memory of the martyrs 'lives. The martyrs' families then went to the podium to light candles at the pictures of their children.

A speech was delivered on behalf of the Syrian Democratic Forces by the Director of Military Public Relations Mustafa Mahmoud and a speech on behalf of the Martyrs' Families by Amina Abdel Razzaq, a speech on behalf of the democratic civil administration of al-Tabqa by Ahmad Suliaman as well as the Women Administration by Fatima Hamado.

The words congratulated the families of the martyrs on victory and Daesh defeat, which was achieved by the sacrifices of their sons and daughters.

The words pledged the martyrs to follow their path until the liberation of Afrin and every inch of the land of Syria from the Turkish occupation, as liberated northern and eastern Syria from Daesh mercenaries.

The commemoration ceremony ended with the presentation of a documentary film that included footage of the battles of the Syrian Democratic Forces against Daesh, and then the documents of the martyrs were read.

The martyrs were Ahmad al-Hassan, Ahmad Jdea'a, Bashar al-Awwad, Mahmoud al-Sharif, Saleh Mahmud and Muayyad al-Hindi.

The Syrian Democratic Forces provided 11 thousand martyrs in its battles against Daesh mercenaries, according to SDF' statement in the field of Omar where Daesh's military defeat was declared.


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