Al-Tabqa people ended sit-in assuring to continue resistance against occupiers

The people of al-Tabqa region ended their sit-in on Thursday in the tent set up by al-Tabqa Civil Council last Tuesday, denouncing the crimes committed by the occupation against the Syrian people, stressing that they would continue to resist until the liberation of all Syrian territories from the occupation.

A delegation from al-Mansoura town east of al-Tabqa, a delegation from al-Jaraniya town northwest of al-Tabqa, and a delegation of the Syrian Democratic National Alliance in addition to a number of al-Tabqa residents visited the sit-in tent.

During the visit, the delegations affirmed that the people of the region had adhered to the option of resistance to reclaim all the usurped lands, praising the championships of fighters of the Syrian Democratic Forces shown in the trenches of dignity against Turkey, ISIS and al-Nusra.

During the visit, a number of speeches were delivered, including a speech on behalf of the people of the eastern countryside by the administrative member of the People’s Council in al-Mansoura Suood al-Mohammed, a speech on behalf of the people of the northern countryside of al-Tabqa by the administrator at the People’s House in al-Mahmudli Mostafa al-Ghanim, and a speech by the Democratic National Alliance Salam Hussein.     

The speech focused on denouncing the meeting held between US President Trump and Turkish President Erdogan, stressing their total rejection of all agreements that had not served the aspirations of the peoples of northern and eastern Syria, calling on the US president not be a party in the killing of the Syrian people.

Then, the final statement of the sit-in tent was delivered by the co-chair of al-Raqqa Civil Council, Yathrib al-Hassoun, in which she stressed that the operation of the spring of blood which had been launched by Turkey, ISIS and Jabhet al-Nusra had brought only destruction, killing and displacement to the peoples of the region, especially children and women.

The statement stressed the need to unite and stand together by all components of the region against the Turkish barbaric aggression, which had destroyed the region and abandoned its people under fake pretexts.

The statement appealed to the international community to stand up to Erdogan's colonial ambitions, which had been open to everybody, stressing the need to hold him accountable as a war criminal for the massacres committed against the Syrians through his ongoing aggression on Syrian territory.


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