Al-Tabqa youth begin their sit-in protesting against the Turkish occupation policy

The Youth Council and the Union of Young Women in al-Tabqa organized a sit-in today for 10 days to denounce the policies of the Turkish occupation and its expansionist projects in Syria and its attempt to annex some of the Syrian territories to the Turkish map, headed by Afrin.

within the sit-in tent, pictures of martyrs and flags of the Syrian Democratic Forces and the Women's Protection Units and the youth opened with a statement attended by dozens of members of the civil committees and the youth of al-Tabqa.

The statement issued by the Youth Council in al-Tabqa Shaza Mohammed, who denounced at the beginning of the Turkish policies "dirty" as described in the statement, stressing that the youth will not allow the continuation of these policies or annex any inch of Syrian territory "

The statement also addressed the Turkish people to stand up to Erdogan's policies of occupation, "especially the construction of the wall, which will try to separate Afrin from the Syrian motherland, if the Turkish people remain silent, after this step, it will be remembered by history as a stain on their brow."

The statement also stressed that history will not be repeated in reference to the Ottoman Empire, which occupied half of the world and that the people will not accept the construction of the empire of slavery "represented by Turanian Erdogan."

The statement pledged that young people will struggle to victory "to reach a democratic, decentralized democratic and pluralistic nation".

The statement ended with chants that glorify the martyrs and call for freedom and democracy.

The sit-in lasts for 10 days, and as the sit-in coincides with the start of the month of Ramadan, the participants arrive at the tent from 8 am to 4 pm.


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