AL-Tabqa's Youth pledged to continue struggle

  The youth of al-Tabqa stressed on the last day of their sit-in to continue the struggle and resistance and indicated that this will not be the last sit-in, but will continue until the international conscience awakens and puts an end to the violations of the Turkish occupation.

Ten days after their sit-in, the Youth Council and the Union of Young Women in al-Tabqa concluded their sit-in in the tent erected in the square of the center of the martyr Hani Al-Eilees, which witnessed visits from all civilian military institutions.

On the tenth and final day, on behalf of the youth of al-Tabqa and the Union of Young Women and with the participation of the youth of al-Raqqa, the co-chair of the Sports Union in al-Tabqa Shaza Mohammed issued a statement that categorically rejected the Turkish fascist policies and its violations and mercenaries in Afrin and the attempt to annex Afrin to Turkey as it did in the Iskenderun area.

The statement renewed the covenant and oath by walking on the path of martyrs in confronting the Turkish occupation and its dirty plans on Syrian lands and proving to the international community that the will of peoples is the strongest of all its suspicious projects and agreements.

The statement threatened the tyrant Erdogan that he would not enjoy the Syrian territory, which was forcibly robbed, and that as Daesh collapsed in northern and eastern Syria,  and the wall he built in Afrin would be destroyed.

The statement also stressed that the unity of the peoples and principles and coexistence will destroy the fascist Erdogan and will demonstrate this unity that free thought is able to end the occupation and put an end to the outbreak of the Erdogan.

The statement concluded with slogans that glorify the martyrs, salute the resistance of Afrin, and denounce the Turkish violations.



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