Al-Tamran: excluding of AA from drafting constitution means undemocratic social contract

Vice-President of the Modernity Democratic Party Maher al-Tamran stressed that the failure to involve the Autonomous Administration and its components on the geography of northern and eastern Syria would undermine any possible success in the process of preparing the new Syrian constitution.

Maher al-Tamran, vice president of the Democratic Modernity Party and the party's representative in the AA, spoke during a meeting with our agency(ANHA) about the consequences of excluding the components of northern and eastern Syria from the drafting of the Syrian constitution and their participation in its preparation.

This comes as the UN envoy to Syria, Geir Pedersen, expects that the Constitutional Committee will be formed by the end of September, coinciding with international moves to form a constitutional committee and the dispute over its members still exists.

Maher al-Tamran started by saying that "the exclusion of representatives of the north and east of Syria from the Constitutional Committee means, in my estimation, two things related to each other. When the rules for producing the solution are not respected, it means more pain and pain that awaits the country and the Syrians. The second is to continue to give the Turks the ability to impede the maturity of a realistic basis to devote a political solution and not to rein in their subversive will to exclude representatives of North and East from constitutional committee.

"In fact, there is no alternative if the international community and the actors in the Syrian event want to end the Syrian suffering, except to rely on the power equations in which the Syrian reality is formed and around it, which clearly states that representatives of northern and eastern Syria are a key and pivotal player in shaping the country's future," he said.

Al-Tamran explained why he described the constitution as constitutive because the new constitution will form the basis agreed upon by the international legitimacy to establish a new Syria, and to achieve a political transition that breaks with the crisis caused by the regime's intransigence and its refusal to respond to the peaceful protests that began in March 2011.

He said the imbalance in the undemocratic social contract that was embodied in Syria's constitution before 2011 must be avoided which produced by the Authority after the outbreak of the Syrian protests, both were not democrats, and did not achieve the ground that guarantees peace, extinguish the conflict and end the imbalances in the Syrian reality.

Al-Tamran pointed out that the absence of the AA from the constitution, the removal of its representatives from active participation in it or the failure to take into consideration what its experience in the state body, the form of the distribution of power, and the comprehensive pattern of democracy it proposes to the country would be an exclusion of the factors that establish and succeed this social contract from a structural point of view. The availability of factors of conflict and instability in Syria in terms of producing an undemocratic social contract on the other hand.

Maher al-Tamran said that the failure to involve the AA of northern and eastern Syria, whether in the Constitutional Committee or the absence of its model and will in the new constitution, would undermine every possible success in the process of preparing a new constitution for Syria, which would undermine its form and content.



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