Al-Temran: Turkish threats aimed at thwarting Autonomus Administration

Deputy Head of the Democratic Modernity Party, Maher al-Tamran, pointed out that the Turkish threats towards the Syrian north are attempts to thwart the Autonomus Administration(AA) and successes achieved.

In an interview with ANHA, deputy head of the Democratic Modernity Party, Maher al-Temran, spoke about the purpose behind the Turkish threats to the northern and eastern regions of Syria and the reality of the "safe zone" that demands its establishment.

'Threats combine a progressive national consciousness and a political Islam of the Ottoman example.'

The Turkish threats to the region come from the mentality that creates a formula that combines a national consciousness with a progressive Islamism and political Islam, which addresses two sectors of the Turkish national, radical and Islamic" he said.

He linked the Turkish threats to the internal crises experienced by the government of the Justice and Development Party "one of the important reasons is also escape from the domestic economic failure and the collapse of the Turkish currency.

Erdogan seeks to thwart the experience of AA

Al-Temran said that the elimination of AA is one of the motives behind the threats of Turkey to occupy the areas of north-east Syria, "Erdogan seeks to cover the liberal aspects of trying to thwart the experience of AA in the democratic north of Syria, hiding the immorality of his policy towards the Kurdish component in Turkey.

'Turkish threats are serious'

Al-Temran pointed out that the most important reasons for the threat is to blackmail the European and American position to pass the Turkish goal to obtain the Russian S-400 system without a few repercussions.

As for the seriousness of these threats, he believes: "According to my point of view, I think it is serious, but it is futile, threatening does mean implementation and success of your threats, the Turkish military aggression in the event that it happens, especially as it is involved in Qatar and Libya, will only bring the disappointment.

As for Turkey's "safe zone", al-Temran shows that Turkey does not want to create a "safe zone" but wants to control of what has been achieved and dominated by the AA, and to control and occupy more Syrian territory.

He continued: "The reality in these areas, unlike the area of ​​Afrin, the areas of operations of the Global Coalition and SDF, which announced that they will engage in comprehensive and existential battles against the Turkish invasion and against any scenario leading to Turkish domination of the safe area or other scenario at the expense of the rights of AA components and their successful experience.'

'Turkey wants to sabotage the free life'

"Turkey wants to sabotage the free life in the areas of AA, and it seeks with all its strength and measure to undermine security and safety, not to establish safe areas," he said.

'Turkey's intentions are not only aggressive and expansionist'

Al-Temran said  that Turkey's intentions on this subject is not only aggressive and expansionist must be resisted in accordance with all available means, calling on all Syrians and all components of AA to stand against these ambitions.

Certainly, the Turks will fail to pass on their desire to build the safe area according to their will, and only the efforts that meet the requirements of the AA areas that have achieved progress and success over the past years will succeed or pass," he concluded.



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