Al-Walda clan's sheikh: Assassinations that affected our national symbols aim to extinguish our democratic project

Al-Walda clan's sheikh Hamed al-Faraj pointed out that by targeting the national symbols, the Turkish occupation state and its mercenaries aim to target the democratic project and the peoples' fraternity achieved in the north of Syria, calling for all Syrians with all components and sects to stand together against the occupying plans that aim at undermining the unity of Syria's land and people.


The talk of the al-Walda clan's sheikh Hamed al-Faraj came on the sidelines of the activity held by al-Raqqa Civil Council in Ain Issa district, commemorating the martyr Omer Alloush on the first anniversary of his martyrdom at the hands of the treacherous.

Sheikh Hamed al-Faraj pointed out that the martyr Omer Alloush who was targeted at the hands of terrorism worked day and night in order to make the project of the democratic nation successful.

He continued, "The martyr Omer Alloush sacrificed himself for this project with a group of national and tribal symbols in the north and east of Syria, including Bashir al-Huwaidi, Marwan al-Fetih and other patriots and symbols of fraternity of peoples."

Sheikh Hamed praised the efforts and achievements made by the martyr which were the cornerstone of organizing the people of al-Raqqa through the establishment of their civil council, which contributed to the reconstruction of life and the infrastructure destroyed by terrorism in their city.

Al-sheikh Hamed al-Faraj pointed out that the Turkish state by targeting symbols, dignitaries of tribes and national figures through its arms and internal agenda aims at eliminating the democratic nation's project of all spectra and components of north and east of Syria and extinguishing the democratic project, peoples' fraternity and co-existence achieved in north and east Syria.

The sheikh pointed out that the attacks and violations of the Turkish occupation state on the northern and eastern areas of Syria are clear before the eyes of the whole world, and this is manifested by the occupation of several areas such as Afrin, Jarablus and al-Bab, and they always threaten to occupy other areas as Manbij city through their constant threats to them.

The sheikh called on the Syrian people with all components to unite to stand against the colonial occupying schemes that stalk the region.

It is worth mentioning that the majority of the assassinations that targeted some figures in the areas of north and east Syria, and after arresting the perpetrators by the security services, their dependency and receiving the money by the Turkish intelligence have been shown. Our agency, Hawar news agency has published many pieces of news, files and their confessions in this regard.



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