​​​​​​​Aldar Khalil: Erdogan seeks of normalizing his relationship with Damascus Government

Aldar Khalil has praised the “Oath Operation” that launched by Syrian Democratic Forces SDC against agents and spies, calling for the protection of the July 19th Revolution and its gains from Turkish occupation and its clients, while indicating that Ankara wants to restore its relations with Damascus Government, thereby beginning a new phase of extermination.

Following the Tehran summit and the Sochi meeting, the Turkish occupying state stepped up its drone attacks on North and East Syria, targeting leaders, diplomats and citizens alike, in cooperation with its agents and spies.

On 31st July, the Syrian Democratic Forces SDF announced the “Oath Operation” against Turkish occupying state agents and their spies in various areas of North and East Syria.

On this and to assess the latest political developments, ANHA’s agency held a dialogue with the member of the co-chairmanship of Democratic Union Party PYD, Aldar Khalil.

Khalil called on the people of North and East Syria to protect their revolution with all their strength, stating that the war with Turkey has entered a new phase and we must be vigilant of it.

Khalil assessed the relationship between Ankara and Damascus Government, pointing out that Ankara was now seeking coordination with Damascus, and said: "When Turkey deals with the Syrian regime, it will be its first demand for information on and damage to the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria AANES areas. So, care should be taken on this."

The dialogue read as follows:

* Turkey's occupation has increased the mobility of its sleepers’ cells and the use of spies in AANES areas, how do you explain these movements? On 31 July, the SDF announced the commencement of “Operation Oath”, how do you assess this?

Reality is witnessing war, and when there is war, the means will also differ, with weapons, money, information, and media, as well as human beings being used in other ways, such as espionage. Each party tries to acquire information from the opposite party and implants its cells within the ranks of its enemy until it wins its war. The Turkish occupying state sees us, the people of North and East Syria and, in particular, the Kurdish people, as its enemy in the wake of the extermination attacks, as not viewing us as a people fighting and fighting for our freedom, yet we have not seen it as an enemy, on the contrary; We wanted to fight for our freedom and build a democratic system in Syria.

At the beginning of the Rojava Revolution, Turkey used political and economic means to strike at the revolution's gains, victories and achievements in Rojava. But it has not been able to make progress, and its occupation of our regions and its launching of attacks have not served to fail this project. So it recently had to use its spies and a private war to damage the gains of the revolution. This is nothing new in Turkey's history, but now it has increased its clients and their organization within the region to target, leaders, revolutionaries, fighters and national figures.

Because the Turkish occupation felt that this revolution had reached a stage that it could not control through its classic means, which began with the use of vulnerable people and people willing to sell their dignity for money, in particular, it selected persons with relatives in Turkey, or some persons whose relatives are in opposition. They used their weaknesses and worked to form intelligence networks, using money, threatening them and deceiving them with false promises.

In the result and through all wars, there are such human beings, and we cannot circulate that to all human beings, where there are hundreds of people who sacrifice and benefit their revolution in their spirit.

AANES’ institutions and security institutions and SDF have always worked against these agents and spies, worked well, achieved good results, arrested clients who had martyrs' blood on their hands, revealed the means and ways in which they dealt with these spies and took the necessary measures against them.

How should the people of North and East Syria deal with these traitors who deal with Turkey's occupation?

I am sure that the security authorities will deal with these traitors in a way that suits them, but more importantly, except for those agents who have been arrested, our people must be vigilant when witnessing any abnormal movement, whether in neighbourhoods, villages or cities, and must be notified directly to the relevant authorities. Our people must also bear this responsibility, because they are not solely the responsibility of the security agencies and the SDF. The enemy draws its morale from the information the people give to them, so we must all protect our regions. Those traitors who cooperate with the occupation do not harm a single institution, but damage the revolution and its gains, so we hope that our people will not be mercy in such matters.

“Oath Operation” is sacred to us and highly valuable, and we salute our people, who participated in this process, thereby protecting the gains of its revolution and ensuring that no greater obstacles emerge. If these people had not been arrested, they would have carried out other operations now. Our people must therefore cooperate with our military forces in supporting this process.

* Following the conclusion of the Tehran summit last July 19th, Russian President Vladimir Putin, along with his Turkish counterparts Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Iran's Ibrahim Raisi, after the Sochi meeting between Putin and Erdogan on August 5, stepped up its attacks on North and East Syria. How do you explain these attacks?

As we know, the world is witnessing a brutal war, what is seen in Ukraine cannot be considered normal. NATO wants to reorganize itself under American leadership, NATO has been able to push Russia into war on Ukraine, this war expanded, and it joined European countries, so that some countries that could not join NATO could join the Alliance, such as Finland and Sweden, and some States did not make their annual subscription NATO, all of which brought NATO to a breakdown stage, but recent developments have caused NATO to reorganize itself. America has strengthened and distributed its powers in a number of countries.

In this context, Russia considered that the balances were turning and being met by a new front, first coordinating with China; To unify its position and form a front in front of NATO and European countries, we witnessed this in Nancy Pelosi's visit to Taiwan, where she wanted to send a message to China that they had created the Ukraine crisis for Russia, and if that continues, they will blow the Taiwan crisis into it. In this situation, Russia is leading a war in the Middle East arena and wants to preserve its interests and gains and prove to America and NATO its existence, so it met under the guise of Sochi and the Syrian crisis with Turkey and Iran at the Tehran Summit.

While Turkey plays on two sides, on the one hand NATO overlooks some issues related to wheat, the Black Sea, the Ukrainian crisis, Syria and Iraq, particularly in the eradication the Kurds, and on the other hand NATO uses Turkey to indirectly apply some of its plans against Russia. Turkey is taking advantage of this situation; On the one hand, it has a relationship with Russia and on the other with Ukraine, in addition to its membership in NATO. NATO is trying to pressure Iran's influence in the Middle East. In Iran's view, it was also under attack by Israel and Turkey, which could not cooperate with it in accordance with its interests. Iran and Russia see themselves in trouble.

Turkey wants to take this opportunity for its benefit in North and East Syria and in the legitimate defence zones. So, the demands of these three countries came together, and when they met at the Tehran Summit, in fact, they wanted to satisfy Iran, which lives in constant threat and lives in danger of extermination, and you try one way or another not to move away from them but not to accept all their demands. For example, Iran refuses to enter Turkey into Tell Rifaat, Nubal, al-Zahraa and Aleppo. The Tehran summit came to the satisfaction of each other. Because of Iran's rejection of some of their schemes, Turkey and Russia wanted to meet in Sochi, agreed on some matters and Turkey got the green light, but in another way, directing Turkey to areas under the influence of the International Coalition, areas under Russia's control and putting forward communication between Erdogan and Bashar al-Assad.

* Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu revealed a brief conversation gathered by his Syrian counterpart Faisal Mekdad on the sidelines of the NAM meeting in Belgrade, and called for reconciliation between the opposition and the Government of Damascus, how do you explain this step, at a time when the region is witnessing attacks, can we consider it in the interest of the Syrian people?

Of course, for years, from 2011 to now, Erdogan has been saying that Assad has lost his legitimacy. He cannot remain in power, and at this meeting they wanted Erdogan to communicate with Assad, Many things have changed, that is, if Turkey wants to occupy areas west of Euphrates, Controlled by Russia, it will not be by war, but by agreement with the Syrian regime and if there is an agreement between Bashar al-Assad and Erdogan, what will happen to the Syrian opposition, which sees itself as a friend of Turkey and in this case the opposition's attitude becomes embarrassing, we see that the demonstrations in those areas are the result of Erdogan's betrayal of them. Erdogan felt that he was no longer benefiting from the opposition.

The opposition understood that Erdogan had used it, and that was when a new phase began, would these people stay with Turkey or not, and would the Syrian people pardon them? The opposition remained alone and the Syrian people lost confidence in it, as it began to move towards demise, thus revealing the truth of the opposition and the truth of Turkey.

Turkey now wants to coordinate with Syrian intelligence and deal with the regime. Under the regime's umbrella, it wants to reach out to personalities who were dealing with the Syrian regime and use it as spies. This is another danger, and our people must be vigilant about these schemes. When Turkey deals with the Syrian regime, it will be its first demand for information on and damage to AANES’ areas, and we must take our measures to that end.

* Recently, Turkish occupation army targeted some leadership figures, including martyrs Dijwar and Rêzan Cawîd, who came to Rojava to learn about the achievements of AANES and exchange experiences. Are there agreements to provide intelligence on these figures by the coalition or Russia?

Turkish occupation attacks began, and we are now at war. The Coalition and Russia in the region are partners in these attacks, because they do not stop them, nor do they put an end to Turkey. For example, Comrade Jiyan participated in operations with the International Coalition against ISIS/Daesh and coordinated with the coalition, celebrating together the anniversary of the July 19th Revolution. The International Coalition did not show any position on this, but merely a telegram of condolence.

The Coalition has to know that without these troops it would not have been in this area. And so we see it as a partner in this Turkish scheme, other than that. Many of our heroic leaders who fought ISIS/ Daesh valiantly martyred Turkish UAVs and even friend Rêzan Cawîd, a national and Kurdistan figure with strong Kurdistan influence. He wanted to learn about Rojava's experience and protect the gains of the Kurdish people. It has had a long history of national unity. His martyrdom in this way is a source of sadness for the people of North and East Syria. We therefore recall Martyr Dijwar, Rêzan and Muhyi al-Din and pledge to follow in their footsteps, and not to refrain from this issue and this struggle.

What is required of the people of North and East Syria in front of these schemes against them and what should be their position?

Our people with all their components, Kurds, Arabs, Syriac, Chaldans and Assyrians, are vulnerable to annihilation.

This project is unparalleled in all countries, so we must protect and protect our revolution. The duty to protect them lies not only with some young people, but with the general public. It must be prepared in accordance with the revolutionary people's war, that is, food and drinking must be stored, cooperate with the security forces of the region in the face of any scheme or agent this is the reality of the revolutionary people's war and must be carried out in accordance with its principles. This stage requires the participation of all, the accession of all their forces and the response to Turkish attacks.



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