Aldar Khalil: We to not accept safe area under Turkish supervision- UPDATED

In an interview with ANHA, Aldar Khalil confirmed that they would not accept a safe area in northern and eastern Syria supervised by Turkey.


The official of the Foreign Relations of the Democratic Society Movement Dr. Khalil said during an interview conducted by Hawar news agency, "The safe areas in the north of Syria which are being talked about are linked with the developments witnessed in the region. At first, we have to know what is the threat and who will protect from the other, if the safe area is to preserve the security in northern Syria and protect the region from the threats of Turkey, then it can be said that there is a correct policy towards the north of Syria, but if it is the opposite, the talk and discussion here will be different."

Khalil said that the statements of the Turkish state will be a sponsor of the safe areas in northern Syria. Therefore, it will not be for the security of northern Syria, but is an area against who has protected the north-eastern regions of Syria so far, and there are great fears if the region will be under the auspices of Turkey because Erdogan threatens all northern Syria.

Khalil pointed out that since the beginning of the Syrian revolution, they have been working for the establishment of a democratic system and have never considered the division of the Syrian lands or finding a solution outside Syria.

He said, "We have tried a lot through the United Nations and other meetings to resolve the Syrian crisis through the Syrian-Syrian dialogue."

He stressed that the entire region is in danger and not just northeast of Syria because it is entering a new stage so everyone must search for a Syrian-Syrian solution. Aldar Khalil said, "If the Syrian parties can reach any solutions, the Turkish state and the other parties will not have any other arguments to intervene in the Syrian issue."

He noted that the situation of the safe areas under the international auspices and standing seriously in the face of the Turkish threats will facilitate the negotiations between the DAA in the north and east of Syria and the Syrian regime. Then, the people of Syria can reach a solution to the Syrian crisis.

Turkey is trying to implement the "Melli Charter" through which it links Aleppo to al-Mosul and Kirkuk which it regards as Turkish territories. Turkey occupied Idlib and Afrin, and is now trying to occupy Manbij and northern Syria to isolate them from the Syrian territories and divide Syria."

He noted that Erdogan was unable to attack the areas of northern and eastern Syria so he is trying to invade north-eastern Syria through the safe areas he is talking about.

He said, "We asked America to clarify the safe areas, and if America told us that the region would really be under the auspices of Turkey, we would not accept that. We can accept the safe area under the auspices of the United Nations. Turkey is a threat to the region and cannot be a sponsor of the safe area."

At the end of his speech, the official of the Democratic Society Movement's Foreign Relations Aldar Khalil said, "We have all sacrificed thousands of martyrs, and we must strengthen the self-protection. We are not against the international relations, but we have to know that the revolution is our will and our strength. We will not leave any region. We are partners in this administration, and our agreements and our position will be according to the interests of our people not only in Rojava, but in all areas of northeastern Syria."



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