Aleppo components: Struggle will end oppression

The talk of Sheikh Maqsoud neighborhood people came during their participation in the activities of the sit-in tent to support the hunger strike campaign led by Leyla Guven and said that the activities will continue till realizing the demands of the hunger strikers.

Kongra Star erected a sit-in tent in Sheikh Maqsoud Neighborhood of Aleppo city to support the hunger strikers in and out the prisons of the Turkish occupation prisons led by Leyla Guven.

The citizen Sultana Mohammed said" we came here to support the sit-in tent and the resistance of Leyla Guven and her comrades to break the isolation imposed on the leader Ocalan.

The citizen Nazek Lettof of the Arab component said the people of Sheikh Maqsoud confronted the most violate attacks on the neighborhood and were a good example of their struggle and the strong will and defeated the enemy and mercenaries.

Nazek saluted and praised the struggle of Leyla Guven and her comrades asserting that the strugglers' resistance will end the oppression and realize the demands.

In turn, the citizen Hanif Horo said that the visit of the people to the sit-in tent is to support and break the isolation and to thwart the schemes of the Turkish occupation that target to end the Kurdish people presence and said the Kurdish people will step up the struggle and the resistance till liberating Afrin.        

The citizen George  Mohib from the Syriac people component in the area said," we as Syriac people support the struggle of the hunger strikers and praise their struggle to lift the isolation that imposed by the Turkish occupation on the leader Ocalan.



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