Aleppo Consultative Meeting between the patriotic and Democratic Forces and figures kicks off

Aleppo Consultative Meeting, organized by the Aleppo Cultural Forum, was launched under the slogan "Syria to Where!!", in the presence of patriotic and democratic figures from various Syrian cities and regions.

Under the slogan "Syria to where!!" A short while ago, the work of the Aleppo Consultative Meeting, organized by the Aleppo Cultural Forum, kicks off at the Star Light Hall in Shiqaif area of Aleppo.

The Consultative meeting included about 35 delegates and personalities from various Syrian regions, including intellectuals, writers, politicians and diplomats, in addition to representatives of a number of patriotic democratic forces such as the Syrian Democratic Council, the Democratic Union Party, the Syrian National Democratic Alliance Party, the Syrian Kurdish Democratic Party, the Future Syria Party and the Kurdish Democratic Unity Party in Syria.

As for the purpose of holding the consultative meeting, it is to search and exchange views on the importance of the comprehensive Syrian national identity, which will be the first step to confront external attacks, in addition to build the appropriate ground for launching a comprehensive dialogue to resolve the Syrian crisis that has been going on for nearly 11 years.

In addition to deliberating on the meaning and term of "Decentralization" and its actual project on Syrian soil represented in the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria as a pioneering experiment in solving outstanding problems and disputes and protecting the rights to live in dignity and freedom to build a future for a democratic, free and pluralistic homeland for all.

The first axis of the consultative meeting will be read by the Co-chair of the Aleppo Cultural Forum, Laila Khaled, after which the attendees will express their views.



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