Aleppo intellectuals: Loophole allowed to Turkish state to commit crimes against Kurds

A number of Aleppo city 's intellectuals have demanded for working to overcome the loophole between the Kurdish parties and unite them to stop attacks by the Turkish occupation army on the Kurdish people in all parts of Kurdistan, especially in Başûr.

 Among the denials of attacks on Başûr Kurdistan and repeated Turkish attacks against the Kurdish people, a number of intellectuals in Aleppo explained the reasons for these attacks at this stage.

Poet Manan Ahmed, called the government of Başûr Kurdistan "to defend the Kurds and their gains which are being achieved in Başûr against any aggression against it."

"The main objective of Turkey is to annihilate the Kurds," Manan said.

Dr. Walid Jendu, said that the state of division between the Kurdish parties in Başûr is the reason for the continuation of the Turkish aggression "Kurdish parties did not agree that caused to spread fragmentation of the Kurdish issue."

Some parties, unfortunately, are always trying to thwart democratic projects and are dispersing these forces in favor of Turkish aggression," he said.

Jendu called on the parties in Başûr to defeat Turkish aggression and foiling all its plans in the region.

For her part, a member of Intellectuals Union in Aleppo, Leyla Khalid, loophole between the Kurds, "This gap opened the way for the Justice and Development Party to commit violations against the Kurds."



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