​​​​​​​Aleppo people: International silence about Turkey's crimes, kills humanity

Sheikh Maqsoud and Ashrafieh neighborhoods residents of Aleppo city indicated that the Turkish state and its mercenaries' crimes against the people of the occupied areas, especially women and the international silence is killing humanity that must express a clear position towards that.

The Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries continue their crimes against the people of the occupied areas under the international community's silence.

The people of Sheikh Maqsoud and Ashrafieh neighborhoods in Aleppo city, and during meetings with our agency, they said that the occupation is carrying out the worst practices against civilians, while they pointed out what Turkey opposes all human values.

We hear about the crimes of the occupation and its mercenaries daily

Siham Bilal said: The mercenaries of the Turkish occupation are committing the most heinous crimes against the people of the occupied areas, especially women. "We hear of their brutal violations against the people and women in the occupied areas such as Afrin, Serêkaniyê and Girê Spî, and the Idlib areas on daily basis."

"The whole world watches what Turkey and its mercenaries do, keep silent. This kills humanity," Siham added.

Turkey is targeting society through women

Siham noted that targeting the entire society through women, she says, "Turkey targets women because they are fighting for freedom, they want to break the will of women, but no one can break their will because they are role models for society."

As for Fatih Youssef, he pointed out that "from the occupation of Afrin to this day, there is killing, torture and kidnapping of women and children. They have burned Afrin and its nature, and taken out the original inhabitants and inhabited the mercenaries' families instead of them. This indicates that the Turkish occupation does not accept the Kurds in the occupied regions ".

International silence kills humanity

"Turkish violations are against humanity and women, and international silence kills humanity. No one escapes from these violations, no human or stone, and its practices in the occupied territories are to expand its influence, change its demography and return the history of the Ottomans to those areas, Turkey against the will of women," said Fatima Hassan.

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