Aleppo women joining Kongra Star campaign

The women of Aleppo joined the campaign of Kongra Star launched by its coordination under the slogan "Protect your Land and your Dignity, and Defeat the Occupation and Daesh".

In a statement read in front of Kongra Star Academy in the Sheikh Maqsoud neighborhood of Aleppo city, the women of Aleppo announced their joining the co-Kongra Star Campaign on August 8.

The statement was read in Kurdish by Nisreen Mohammed and in Arabic by Fatima Hassan.

The statement appealed to all women to join the campaign and unite their struggle to deter Turkish threats to northern and eastern Syria.

It is worth mentioning that Kongra Star issued a statement in which it announced a campaign on the 8th of August this month calling on all the women of the world to support them and join their struggle for the campaign on the 10th of August.

The coordinator of Kongra Star in Qamishlo Canton, Dalia Hanan, said in an interview conducted by ANHA that the activities will start from the 17th of this month in all regions of northern Syria.


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