Aleppo young women: Assaulting child is crime beyond description

The Young Women's Union in Aleppo condemned the crime of assaulting a 15-year-old girl in Jerkush area by officials and members of the Turkish state, and indicated that the crime is beyond description and that the organizations should hold the perpetrators accountable, through a statement.

Dozens of members of the Young Women's Union gathered in al-Sheikh Maqsoud neighborhood of Aleppo city in front of the Union's center, carrying banners that read "No to violence, no to killing women,” to deliver a statement.

The statement was read by the young administrator, Amina Abdo.

The statement included:

"The 21st century is considered a century of women's freedom, through women in all parts of the world, especially Kurdish women's raising the pace of their struggle and resistance against the authoritarian regimes to live a life based on freedom and equality through their will.

That is why the capitalist regimes, on top of which the authoritarian regimes, targeted women and practiced all kinds of violence against them to suppress their voices and take away their freedom.

Violence is practiced on women from a physical, intellectual and psychological point of view, the last of which was the crime of rape committed by 27 officials and elements of the Turkish government against a 15-year-old girl in an incident beyond description, this crime is nothing but instructions from the Turkish state itself.

We in the Young Women's Union condemn and denounce these inhuman and immoral acts and will not accept them. We call on all organizations concerned with women's rights and humanity to stand up to these violations against women and hold the perpetrators accountable."

The statement ended with chanting the slogans that condemn violence against women.



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