Aleppo youth commemorate martyr Engin and denounce Turkish attacks

Hundreds of youths from Aleppo condemned the attacks of the Turkish occupation army on the legitimate defense areas and the cities of Başûr, recalling at the same time the martyr Qasim Engin, one of the most prominent moral leaders of the Kurdistan Youth.

The Syrian Revolutionary Youth Union organized a demonstration to condemn the attacks of the Turkish occupation army on the cities of Başûr, Kurdistan region targeting primarily unarmed Kurdish civilians, in addition to recalling the martyr within the ranks of the Kurdistan Freedom Movement, Qasim Engin.

The demonstrators carried the torches along with the flags of the Syrian Revolutionary Youth Union and the banners and pictures of the martyr Engin.

After a minute of silence, two speeches were delivered by the administrator of the Young Women Movement, Jinda Delsoz, and the administrator of the Syrian Revolutionary Youth Movement, Idris Ja'afar Resh.

The two speeches indicated that the attacks led by the Turkish occupation army against the cities of Başûr will fail as did all previous campaigns launched by the fascist, and the two speeches pointed out that the escalation of the struggle would be the choice of the Kurdish youth in confronting all who aim to undermine their identity.

The two speeches also recalled the martyr Engin and his continuous struggle in the legitimate defense areas as an example in spreading the spirit of redemption, which was one of the graduates of the leader, Ocalan school.

The demonstration concluded with chanting slogans saluting the martyrs and the resistance against Turkish fascism.

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